2010년 6월 28일 월요일

Cheery pie and Dorito chips

Today, it's been very hot and boring. I'm always hungry, so I went to the store with my brother and sister. We bought a lot of foods. LOL Junk foods! these are what we are eating right now; Dorito chips and cheery pie. Well, no one wanted/ like to eat the cherry pie cause they think it tasted weird, but except me. I love to eat anything and I didn't taste that weird or bad. I ate almost all of the pie, but I got too full so there's 2 more slices left. I'll get back to it when I get hungry again. heheheh. Here are the pictures.

SOBE Life Water 2 + Propel

As I posted on this blog days or months ago, Sobe water is good! That's just my opinion. This time I bought a blueberry pomegranate flavored Propel vitamin enhanced water beverage along with a mango melon flavored Sobe life water beverage. Damn, I'm addicted to drinking these kind of vitamin beverage.ㅋㅋㅋ I still think Sobe is better, cause Propel tasted nasty, but I drank all of it anyways. I think I took too much vitamins? Here are the pictures of my drinks.ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2010년 6월 24일 목요일


Yeah, so it's summer and school is all over cause it's summer vacation. I have a lot of time to do stuff. But the #1 thing is summer is SO BORING when there's nothing to do but stay inside the house where the the AC blows everyday. Isn't that boring? I hate summer because it's so hot and there's nothing to do = boring! The only fun thing is eating, yeah I bet I gained weight over the summer when really I should be losing weight from the sweats. LOL After school was over, I still haven't make any plans for the summer. Now I'm guessing it's gonna be boring. Let's just wait if something interesting comes by. I hope so or this summer will be the worst!!

Oh yeah, I've been watching the 2010 FIFA World Cup and I'm cheering for South Korea! I'm so happy because South Korea advanced to the 16th round in this 2010 FIFA World Cup! They have a match against Uruguay on Saturday, June 26th, 2010!!! I'm looking forward to watch this match!! I even bought a supporter shirt! Isn't that cool or what?! Woohoo I hope and wish they win, but even if they did not win it's gonna be a good game. Good luck 대한민국!!!

2010년 6월 14일 월요일

Hungry for Pizza

Well I just got back from the bank. Now it's lunch and I'm hungry. I'm tired of cooking the same thing everyday and all there is was cow meat (beef) stew in the kitchen. I hate cow meat stew because it smells horrible and it taste nasty. So I asked and gave money to my brother to go buy us some pizza at Little Caesars. We were waiting hungrily for my brother to come with the pizza box. When my brother came back with the pizza box in his hand, our eyes glittered! LOL We all gathered at the table and ate! Sadly, I only get to eat 2 slices while my brothers and sisters ate more than 3 slices! Hey it's my money, I should get to eat a lot! LOL I'm too nice I didn't want to hurt them. Anyways I'm full! Here is the price for 1 large ultra supreme, 2 large pepperoni pizzas, and 2 2 liter Pepsi bottle. All of these +tax equals $24.15

Here is the picture of my slice of pizza and the receipt.

2010년 6월 13일 일요일

Seafood Pho

Well I just got back from my niece's birthday party. 생일 축하 안젤리나! She is one year old now. The food my sisters made was delicious. I ate a lot. I like how they do a variety of things. Pho was the best. It's sad that I didn't get to eat the cake, because I was taking care of my sister's cute 1 month baby. Before I knew it, I had to go home with my parents so I missed the cake. Oh well, there's always next year. Here is the seafood pho I made for myself. heheh!


If you ever go farming, it sucks! It's hot, sticky, and humid and you sweat a lot, don't forget that you will need to drink a lot of water. Well today, I went to farming at my parents' farm. It was super duper HOT, maybe it was 101 degrees Fahrenheit! Gosh I'm so tired! I need a fan in front of my face! LOL it's that hot. I mean staying out in the sun for like 3 hours, that's just not normal! Here is a picture of my parents' farm.

2010년 6월 12일 토요일

Dog Day at CSU Fresno

So today was Dog Day Orientation at CSU Fresno June 12, 2010. I'm an incoming freshman so I have to attend this in order to be able to enter the college. It was HOT and boring. It started today at 8AM and I was so tired and yawning really loud. I guess the orientation was so-so. After I went at the check out I was sitting at the bench in front of the water fountain and this weird dude came to me and ask to me to take a picture with him. I don't even know him! I don't like taking picture with strangers cause it feels weird and awkward. At least introduce yourself before you approach me. That dude is scary! Here is the water fountain and the place where I was at.

I feel unsafe in this environment after this incident.

2010년 6월 11일 금요일

Sobe Life Water

So I just noticed that there is a drink called Sobe Life Water. The bottle look pretty awesome. You know the lizard? Yeah the patterns and the flavor of the Sobe drink I got was tasty. I actually want some more after the last drop of this drink. And 0 calories!! LOL When it's drink or food, I never look at the calories, I just drink or eat it. But this bottle has it labeled big and clearly, "0 calories" on the cover. OMG!!! I like the flavor and I don't care. I want some more! Its so good. Here is my Sobe Life Water bottle. It's white and the flavor is syrah grape berry. My bother's Sobe life water bottle is purple. LOL!!!

If you haven't try this drink , I suggest you try it.

Last Day of School

Well you see, I already graduated and my last day of school was on Monday. But I thought that I should spend some time with my best teacher who is retiring on the official last day of school, which was today on Friday June 11, 2010. I got to her class pretty early. Earlier than her students. LOL Anyways, yeah I went there not just to spend time with her for the last time but also help her clean her room. I think I'm a little too overly organized so the classroom look very plain and organized in the end. Here is how her classroom looks like after I helped clean everything.

Yes, this whole classroom was all cleaned by me and a friend. We're so organized and helpful. LOL Woohoo!!! Last day of school! Booo!! Summer vacation is gonna be hella boring! MAN! lol jk

2010년 6월 8일 화요일

Funniest Image

I was browsing at my friend Mary's image on MySpace and guess what I found? Yeah a picture of her slipping from a steep slope. I know it's mean to laugh when she's hurt, but I couldn't help but laugh at this picture! It's so funny! Sorry Mary.

2010년 6월 6일 일요일

Graduation. Class of 2010!

Wow, I haven't make updates on here for so long! I've been busy with life and so far I've done a lot of interesting things that I forgot to update this blog. Lately, I've gone out to eat with my friends during lunch at Pho#76 (Vietnamese restaurant) and A Star (Japanese restaurant). I really like A Star, because the restaurant is so beautiful and the food are so good. This was my senior time.

Yeah I'm graduating tomorrow! I'm so grateful to meet so many people throughout the year. I'm kind of nervous about graduating and walking through the ceremony. Right now, I feel like I have butterflies in my stomach. I don't know why I'm nervous. Maybe it's because there will be thousands of people watching our class of 2010 graduate. That's probably the reason.

Today, is Sunday and I'm going to go with some friends to take pictures together in our graduation gown. I'll try to upload the picture when I come back, so that you see what our gowns look like. Maybe I'll even upload some picture on my graduation day (tomorrow). It's going to be big and awesome! Sorry no image right now. Not until I come back soon!

Here are some photos that I got from my graduation.