2011년 7월 10일 일요일

Cherry Tomatoes Day#33

They're growing very big now. Soon, just some more week (probably less than 2 weeks) then I'll transfer then into bigger pots separately. It's so pretty!

By the way, I just remembered the Korean movie 'Tomato'. It's about a couple that raises a tomato plant they got from the store. One day the guy got made at the girl because she was seen with another man (perhaps jealous) an so he took off the tomatoes that was growing. The girl was terrified because the cherry tomato represented their blooming love. I forgot some parts cuz it was a very old Korean movie. But I think she took it to the previous owner (a farmer?) and told him that her husband took out the tomatoes and that the tomatoes will not grow anymore. So the man looked at the plant and still sees the stew where the tomatoes grow. He told her that if that stew hasn't been picked then there are still hopes that tomatoes will grow again. So she took it back home. And I forgot the rest. =_=

2011년 6월 30일 목요일

2011 Summer Vacation and...k-dramas!

So far my summer vacation has been the same as usual (boring). I haven't gone anywhere far much. I think the only far place I've gone to is Sacramento this summer. That's because it was my grandpa's funeral. Rest in peace grandpa T^T

This summer vacation, I've been watching a lot of new k-dramas that's currently airing and has aired from last year. For example, I watched Baby-faced Beauty (love this drama and still waiting for the next episode to be aired), The Greatest Love (watched all episodes and also loved it), Secret Garden (also finished watching and love love it!), Miss Ripley (currently watching and it's good), and many others that I don't remember their title. I would recommend these k-dramas if you're into comedy and romance. About other currently airing dramas, I haven't watch them because I just feel that they might not be what I would expect to watch (not my taste I guess). K-dramas I haven't watch and are currently airing or has aired this year are Lie To Me, City Hunter, Romance Town, Can You Hear My Heart, 49 Days, I Need Romance (might watch), My Love By My Side, Twinkle Twinkle(might watch because Kim Hyun Joo is in it), Manny (maybe next), and others that I maybe forgot.

Wow! That's a lot of k-dramas, right?!
My summer vacation will be spent on watching k-dramas TT; I feel that this is a waste of my summer vacation. I really want to go swim but no public swimming pool and can't travel far since my parents are so strict. This is what happens when you have very strict parents. I wonder what my life would be like 10 years ahead. =___=

Driving Test

Guess what?! I pass my driving test! I'm super happy!

Well unfortunately, I didn't pass the driving test on my first test and so I guess I learned my mistakes and finally pass on my 2nd test. I was worrying because my permit will expire very soon (within 3 weeks). Now I have no worries about getting transportation because I can drive to and from school now that I have a driving license. And YAY! for not having to wait for my parents to come pick me up. :D

Currently, I'm trying to find a job so that I can also pay for gas. booo! haha anyways have a great day!^^

2011년 6월 9일 목요일

Cherry Tomato Day #1

Today I decided to plant cherry tomato inside my room. Hopefully it grows tomatoes soon.

2011년 5월 10일 화요일


I`m really disappointed in my family. Someone stole my money that I saved for my exam. I`m breaking down in tears right now. The money is due today and I haven`t pay yet. I really wish I never exist.

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2011년 4월 27일 수요일

Chocolate bars

These days I've been buying chocolate candy bars. I think I'm addicted to chocolate. Well I eat chocolate once a day and some days I run out of change to buy one. So maybe not addicted but I LOVE CHOCOLATE!! lol I've been trying to buy every different chocolate bar once a day. Here's the chocolate bars I bought for the past day.

Kit Kat! I'm not a really huge fan if Kit Kat bars but I haven't eat this thing for so long that it tasted so good! Btw I was in a bad mood when I ate this so I think it kind of cheered me up. Lol!!

3 Musketeers are my all time favorite! Actually the other day I tried to get this but ended up buying the Kit Kat bar because I pressed the wrong button on the vending machine. So today I finally pressed to correct button. Musketeers ftw!! XD

These are so expensive at my college. It's $1 for one of these! I wish it was a better price like between $0.80-0.90 or below...

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2011년 4월 21일 목요일

Cyworld Grapes (Podo)

Recently, I've been posting a lot on cyworld. Forgot to post on here. 미안해. I just found out a few days ago that there are cyworld podos which are grape points. These points can be obtained after you make diary posts. And it's free! I think 1 post=1 podo. Now I have 7 podos. And these podos can be used to buy podo items on the list. Only these podo items can be used for diary posts. I wish podo points can be used to by background skins. I really want to have a background on my cyworld but you have to buy dotoris with real money. I tried my debit card but they don't accept foreign card. So I guess I won't be having a cyworld background.

2011년 4월 14일 목요일

Spring Break

It`ll be spring break after tomorrow but there`s no plan on what I`m going to do over the 1 week break. I really want to go somewhere and have some fun but no one really wants to go with me. :( Actually I just want to get out of town and go to LA or San Francisco and the beach. I`m speechless and that`s what makes me sad. "Nevermind them I`m going alone!" I wish I can say and do that but then I feel that it is unsafe to go alone. I really wish these people around me aren`t so boring and at least go out there and see the world. If I have a lot of money I would have traveled around the world already. I think I`ll just waste this 1 week of spring break staying home doing nothing at most. That`s really pathetic! I`m really depressed right now, but I`ll get over it soon. Pray...

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2011년 4월 9일 토요일

Volunteering is a Great Experience

Today, I went to volunteer at the San Joaquin River Center. We were in groups and our team helped pull out the weeds and take care of the new growing plants. Then we went to pick up trash near the river and guess what? I'm the one that picked up the most trash. My trash bag was full of golf balls, soda cans, glass bottles, and a lot of trash! It was so heavy! But, I feel proud of myself and everyone who volunteered their time to help save the world by just doing these things. It means a lot. I feel proud of myself because I did the right thing. :)

Here's a picture of me standing with the house behind me where everyone had a meet up. The place was really big and so it was beautiful. LOL I look really weird right? XD

2011년 4월 6일 수요일

Voice Recorder

These days, I haven't practice my Korean very much so I feel like I'm losing it. However, I thought of a way to do this everyday. How? I decided to use a voice recorder to record myself speaking in Korean each day saying a different phrase. I don't know if that is a good idea but wish me good luck! Btw I mean I needed to improve my Korean pronunciation. So tomorrow will be the official day I start doing this mission. hmmm... What should I call this mission? Any suggestion? My Daily Korean Diary? I think that sounds good but plain. :/

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2011년 4월 3일 일요일

Naver Music Detector

Recently I got a Naver account and a free Naver App. I've been playing around with the app and I came across this thing that detects the Korean song you're listening to. I thought it was pretty cool. now I think it can only detect famous Korean songs, but I'm not totally sure. I tested it on Brown Eyed Girls' song Abracadabra and it worked. What's cool is that after it detects the song, it gives you the information about the song like the album, year released and the lyrics. How cool is that?! Here's my little experiment.

Turn on the song.

Click on the square with the musical note.


짱!! There it is!

Scroll down and you have the lyrics!

Isnt that awesome?!

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2011년 4월 2일 토요일

Naver/Me2Day & Nate/Cyworld

Hello everyone! I'm so happy that I'm improving a little on my Korean studies (but not good to carry a conversation yet lol). Recently, I've been making tutorials on how to register for Korean microblogs and email. I remember back then how I used to always want a Korean cyworld. Now I just made one! I was surprised that I finally made one after all those years(just 2 years lol) and they didn't even ask for my information like ss#, passport, photo, etc. How people would say they want you to send in your documents, ppshhh!! Wrong! I did it successfully without those! It's my lucky day (but not so lucky because I have a 5 page essay due). And I also made a Naver account without having to verify or prove my documents. I'm so happy (but I'm stressing)! I made a Naver and me2day tutorial but I haven't make a Nate/cyworld tutorial yet. I'll post up the tutorial soon. I plan to do the Nat/cyworld tutorial this summer vacation so check back often. Come join me on cyworld if you have one! My cyworld is http://www.cyworld.com/maibliavue

See you there!

This is the cyworld app I downloaded and it's free!

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2011년 3월 30일 수요일


Hello everyone!
I haven't made a post in so long. I've been busy lately and stressing a lot. And I also developed a back pain...it hurts so much. I told my mom the effects I have and she says I probably have stomach ulcer (my mom isn't even in the medical field lol). Now I'm concerned.

Anyways, I will try to post on here more often. Bye!^^

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2011년 3월 8일 화요일

Irish Cuisine

So far I don't think I've tried Irish cuisines yet. I wonder what kind of food they have. Today, while eating, I saw recipes of Irish cuisines and in the pictures it looked so good! I wish I could make it but I don't have the right ingredients so mine might just turn out to taste like crap. Btw I'm saving these recipe! XD

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2011년 3월 3일 목요일

Drama Class

Sometimes, I really hate drama class... It stinks in here!


Today is the official day that I am becoming a vegetarian. Why? I thought I ate too much meat and it's not healthy for my digestion because lately I've been getting upset stomach, probably because over my overconsumption of meat. I thought it would be better for my health if I'm vegetarian. LOL so last night I ate half a chicken before it turns midnight. Now after that I haven't eaten any meat. I'm so proud of myself that I set a goal and I'm cooperating. Here's my last meat feast. Good bye precious meat.T-T

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2011년 3월 2일 수요일

Turning on the signal when turning

Seriously, my dad needs to turn on his signal when he's gonna turn. I'm saying this because he never turn on the signal when he's driving. He only dies it when someone tells him to do it. I'm paranoid/annoyed when someone is planning to turn but never signal for the other drivers to know ahead of time. So please signal if you are turning...

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Sometime I really hate waiting for my next class...I just want to finish class and get it over with. Why o why did I choose the classes so far apart in time gap?! I have music class next. But I have to wait for 2 more hours. Yael Meyer is going to perform in my university live on campus at 12pm!

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2011년 2월 20일 일요일

Sea Food City

This (above) is call French Sponge Cake. I liked how it is soft and moist on the inside.
This (below) is Iced Green Tea. On the back it has some Korean words that I didn't bother to translate.
This (below) is red bean paste bun. My sister loves these.
And yes! I bought green tea mochi again. I should've tried another flavor, but the other flavors were chocolate, vanilla, and red bean. My sister bought the red bean flavor so I didn't want to buy it because I thought we can share. XD I still think green tea taste better. I'm not a very big fan of red bean.

I tagged along with my parents to visit my aunt who is from my mom's side of the family. We went to Sacramento once again! The whole day we spent there was visiting my mom's relatives. Before we came home, we went to Sea Food City. It's a Filipino supermarket? I'm not sure. But it's fun shopping for food, especially foods that are foreign. These are what my sisters and I bought.

2011년 2월 7일 월요일

Stir-fried dumplings (만두)

Today, I made stir fried dumplings, but it did not turn out good looking. It tasted good and edible, safe to eat. ㅋㅋㅋ in the picture, it looked like kimchi, but it's not kimchi. It's the dumplings, shredded cabbage, and green onions all stir-fried together with pepper flakes and a little soy sauce and some salt for taste. Honestly, I don't like the taste of soy sauce so I just put a little. Sorry the picture is side ways because I'm blogging using my iPod and I couldn't make it turn the right way.

I want to eat pasta and lasagna because I saw this picture from me2day.

It looked good so it must taste good. I'll try to buy pasta and lasagna or I'll try to make them. I know how to make pasta but I don't know about lasagna. Besides, I saw lasagna at the store ready made and just needed to reheat in the oven or microwave. It looked good. mmm!!

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2011년 2월 4일 금요일

Ichihashi Tatsuya's book "Until the Arrest"

Have you heard the news about Ichihashi Tatsuya who raped and murdered his English teacher? Well if you haven't, it's all over the internet, so you can just search by his name. He is now in Jail and ready to be on trial. Recently, Tatsuya published a book with the help of Publishing house Gentosha about his journey after he refuge from his place. His book is called, " 逮捕されるまで 空白の2年7カ月の記録" translated as "2 Years and 7 Months Before My Arrest" or simply "Until the Arrest". Basically, he wanted to give this book to the victim's family as an expression of "contrition," sorrow for sin arising from fear of damnation. However, the family does not accept this book.

Anyways, I just want to share with everyone that I bought the book. I didn't buy it with the intention of following Tatsuya's action. I bought it because I was curious of how he survived and how he got away for 2 years and 7 months. In drama class, I learned that the most entertaining genre is violence, however this book has nothing to do with violence, but I just want to read it because I'm curious. I'm interested in books that tells a true story of someone's life. So I thought I should read this. BUT...it's in Japanese and I don't know Japanese. ㅎ..ㅎ I should've thought about this before buying it. Since I can't read it, I'll just keep it and learn Japanese until I can read and understand it, which that'd be like forever. Or ask someone who can read Japanese and translate it for me. Here are some inside previews of the book if you were curious (its in order).

I liked how he said in the page, "The things I owned ended up owing me. I found freedom. Losing all hope was freedom." And what interested me was that after 2 years and 7 months when he was asked for his name at the train station and he finally uses his real name.

BTW, if you want to order the book, you can order it from gentosha.co.jp if you live in Japan or if you live outside of Japan you can order the book from Amazon Japan. I managed to order it on Amazon Japan because there is an English section. BUT the shipping is very expensive! I think I bought my copy of the book for $50? Yes, it's very expensive.

If you want to view the Japanese investigation about Ichihashi Tatsuya you can watch this YouTube video, but there's no subtitles. For the next part, click on the title in the video to take you to YouTube so that you can see the other parts.

This is the video of his pictures before and after his arrest. (He kind of look like Vanness Wu.)

This video was in the elevator that caught him on tape (probably during his refuge).

And this video is MAD crazy reporters. Tatsuya coming out of the building with police.

*sigh* I feel sympathy for him (if I were to be in his shoes). And I wonder what happened to his parents or family.

2011년 2월 3일 목요일

Sulwhasoo/Seolhwasoo (설화수)

It's a whitening product!! Yes I bought it, but not because I wanted to be white or anything to be Caucasian-like. I bought it because I have discolored skin patch (uneven skin tone) and my skin are whitish yellow like ummm pale peach? idk. I needed a product to even out my skin tone, so I bought this. Don't misunderstand me. :( LOL Anyways I got it in the mail today and I was so shocked!!!! Actually not really. ㅋㅋㅋ I just thought the product was so small and I feel that I got ripped off. I bought it for $17 and I hope that since it's small, it should work well/effectively. I think that thing only last for a day or two if I put too much of it. *huh* Damn I should've read the description before I buy it because I was debating on whether I should get this one or that one. The other one must have been better. Anyways...this is the product. It's so small like the size of my pinkie finger. Has anyone tried it before? Does it work? Tell me if you have. btw I used my sister's new camera. It's better than mine.

2011년 2월 2일 수요일

Ramen with Jjajangmyun Sauce

This was delicious! I always eat this when I'm super hungry and 시간이 없어요 (or just lazy to cook). btw I made that at home, not at a restaurant. But I think it would taste better at a restaurant that specialize in 짜장면. Mine was just decent. ㅋㅋㅋ Anyways, I hope everyone had a great meal. If you haven't eat, I hope you eat something that makes you happy. Btw donate money or food to organizations that feed the homeless. That's a good deed. This year my resolution was to donate and help out volunteering, I haven't forget that. So help the world out. Peace!

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2011년 2월 1일 화요일

Pain 아파요

Damn! Don't you hate it when You have a soar thoat and your neck and back aches. Well im aching and it hurts so much. My eyes are burning. I don't think i can even speak right. I'm so stressed right now. I think I'm sick. I hate being sick. Anyways, I hope everyone is well. Don't get sick like me. *sigh* I'm super hungry!!!!

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2011년 1월 31일 월요일

Music: Piano

Piano 101
I'm studying for my Music quiz today. It's not so difficult. just have to memorize the vocabs and symbols, then imprint it into my brain. Wish me luck! :)

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2011년 1월 30일 일요일

What happened to my Textcube blog?!

maibliavue.textcube.com --->maibliavue.blogspot.com?
Yes I knew this would happen. BUT WHY?! I wonder why my Textcube blog got transferred to blogspot. Damn you Textcube! Just when I was getting along with making post you had to change...

Why don't I just stay with it? Well firstly, I used to have blogspot, but I didn't want to use it. So I signed up for Textcube and now this?! Well...it looks like I'm back to where I'm from. That was disappointing! One thing from my hate list is changing too much stuff. I wish it hadn't change at all! This is my rant for the day. Anyways let's deal with it. I changed the look of my new blog. I thought it looked creative. Hopefully everyone can read the font. I'll change it if it's hard to read. Good luck everyone!

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2011년 1월 23일 일요일

Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation

Yes I got mine! :D It has a built in camera. Having it, I thought it is so convenient to take pictures without having to carry a camera. With this, I can finally blog on my me2day with pictures attached. Sadly, I tried to blog on here, but I couldn't type in here. I don't know what happen or why. Here's my me2day blog: me2day.net/maibliavue

I don't use much apps. All I do is take pictures of random things, listen to music and podcasts and radios, go to youtube, and practice Korean. Maybe there's more...? I don't play games on it very much. I might doodle when I get bored. XD Anyways, tell me what's good to do on the iPod. Any entertaining apps out there?

By the way, I got a new shoulder bag. These days, I'm obsessed with shoulder bags. I don't know why, but I just think they're very stylish for students. umm okay? ㅋㅋㅋ

The color isn't that bright...it's just the light. I love this color (baby green)! And patterns :)

2011년 1월 21일 금요일


After the day I rode my bike, I'm starting to get sore and the seat is so uncomfortable. ㅋㅋㅋReally! When I got home, I realized that I could've waited for my ride. Damn it was tiring riding 9 miles from school to home. In a way, it was good exercise, but then I get so tired that I find myself seeing stars right when I get home. And also, my legs become so weak and sore that I can hardly move. I think that's a bad sign that I need to drink more water? *Sigh* I have to ride back home for today too. Thinking about it...I don't want to ride my bike anymore. ㅋㅋㅋ But I want to get home ㅎ_ㅎ I'm in the school library and I have Music class next. I hope Music class is fun... It will be! :)

2011년 1월 19일 수요일

Piano (Heart and Soul)

Today, I had music class and I learned how to play the piano. I've always wanted to play the piano, but never have time to practice it and I needed someone who's a pianist to teach me. Well, this semester, I have piano class so I can finally learn to play it! :) Awhile ago, I practiced the piece "Heart and Soul". It's a wonderful piece of work and so is Canon. After I master "Heart and Soul" (which will be a long way) I plan to practice Canon. I think both of these are great! Here's my attempt. Sorry if I'm bad. That's just a little piece I learned. I could've played faster but the gadget keeps on cutting off right when I press on another key note. So I had to do it slowly. I'm improving :)
Here's my attempt of a piece from "Canon".

2011년 1월 18일 화요일

미역국 (Korean Seaweed Soup)

I made it! BUT...It was a failure. I'm not sure how 미역국(miyeokguk) taste like but mine was okay. I just forgot to follow some steps because I made it without looking at the recipe. So after I made it, I looked the recipe online and I realized that I skipped some steps. XD Anyways, 미역국 pronounced as 'miyukgook' is a healthy food because it's a highly nutritious soup made with nutritious ingredients such as garlic, ginger(my option), Korean seaweed(nori), soy sauce, sesame oil, and stock soup. The stock soup can be beef, chicken, vegetables, or seafood. Very healthy right! Koreans eat this on the day of their birth (birthday) and pregnant women eat/drink this to regain health after given birth. Well it's not my birthday and I'm not pregnant or anything as I said in my previous post on 'Sushi'. Search it up! You'll find more information about it's health benefits.
Here the picture to my miyeokguk. XD
[I put too much sesame oil+garlic oil :/ but it still taste good to me.]


My vacation ends after today. That's right! I'm going back to school (college). I haven't take my driving test yet, because I planned to take it either on February or March. How am I going to go to school? I'm not taking the bus or having someone drive and pick me up. I don't like to take the bus because too much switching to do. I also don't like to wait for someone to pick me up (waiting takes too long). In addition, my resolution was to become more independent. I don't want to depend too much on transportation. So how will I go to school (9 miles to get there)? Well, I'm certainly not going to walk since waiting for my ride would also take half the same time but shorter. I'm going to have to ride a bicycle. The other day, I bought myself a bike, a bag, shoes, and some clothes. Not much. I liked my new bike, but the only thing I don't like it the shiny color. I'm worried someone might jack my bike while I'm in class because it looked too new. One problem I still need to fix is the front wheel. I need to buy a new pump since the previous pump I had didn't work anymore. The front wheel is kind of soft so I had to pump it up to tighten it. I won't show my new bike because I'm worried it'll get jacked. LOL I'm thinking of painting it over with black so that it doesn't look new. ㅋㅋㅋ

This is the bag I bought. Looks cool and average for a person like me. It's a shoulder bag.

This is the shoe I bought. I have to say that I like to wear shoes with patterns like these.

And here is the helmet I bought for my bike. Honestly, I don't like it, but I bought it anyways because the rest of the helmets I saw at the store where I went was mostly for kids and the adults' helmets were just too shiny and/or weird.

2011년 1월 17일 월요일

Sushi (my style)

Recently, I just made sushi by myself. I think this was my first time ever to make sushi. It turned out pretty good, because I've been watching people make sushi a lot so I guess I learned from watching. I didn't have enough ingredients so I used pork instead. It wasn't that great, just good. By the way, sorry I couldn't share it cause while typing here, I already ate it until now. I didn't notice that it's all gone. But anyways, here's the photo of the first roll that I made. It's not creative so it's plain boring, I know ;)

hehe sorry about the bad quality photo...I still haven't got my camera back yet so I used my cellphone camera which is only 2 megapixel :(

My favorite is 김밥 (Korean style sushi). If only I had the ingredients, it would've turned out super awesome! I guess I'll have to look for the ingredients at the market so that I can make kimbap (for myself ag
ain). Anyways, I have a lot of nori, so Im planning to make some 미역국. By the way, there's no occasion or reason why I'm making seaweed soup. I just feel creative by cooking today. Don't worry, no one's pregnant and no one's birthday is today that I know of. XD So if you feel bored, just go to the kitchen and be creative. Create a dish of your own or a dish you've been wanting to make. It's fun to learn something! Good luck!

2011년 1월 7일 금요일

College (대학교) T_T

Obsession over! hahaha...

I have another week and a half of vacation left. I know I always dread about going to school (probably the same to you too). Now I want to go back to school. There's really nothing to do at home and 추워요. It's cold outside, so I don't want to go out. Actually, I want to go out, but then there's nothing to do alone. So I'm staying home because 정말 따뜻해요. 추우시죠? Are you cold? I hope you stay warm. 따뜻한 커피마시고 싶어요. But I'm too lazy to make coffee.

아ㅏㅏ...내가 학교보고싶어요! 내가 학교에 가고 싶어요... TㄷT

피곤해요... =_=

모두 잘가요...

2011년 1월 4일 화요일


Okay I know once in awhile, everyone will have an obsession, don't deny it. :) Currently I have an obsession (more like addiction) over a kpop song. Actually, this happens once I here something I like. Has anyone heard of the Korean group Co-Ed? Well if you have, this song called "Bbiribbom Bberibbom" is what I'm talking about. Honestly, I don't like to listen to a lot of kpop music because they are so addictive I tried not to. This song was stuck in my head everyday because of the phrase "bbiribbom bberibbom" which is the Korean version of the sound of a heart beat or more like "thump thump". The most part I like about the song is the beginning, when the girl in the blonde hair who wore yellow sing then followed by the guy in the turquoise outfit. I really like that part because it sounded soft and cute! (Sorry I don't know their names) XD Then next is the hop/shaking dance. First thought of it as annoying but later it gets addictive. I know they copied this dance from Lady Gaga's Telephone.

Next up is F.CUZ's song "Wannabe Your Love" I have to admit that their love/seducing dances were adorable. Although I'm not a fan of F.CUZ or any other Kpop groups, I like Jinon from this group. He looks adorable as a rapper. :D (Hint: I like hip hop). That probably explains why I like him. (I just feel that he's...umm unique?) Now, I know there are inappropriate English words on their outfit, but I still think it's colorful and besides their song is great. :)

2011년 1월 1일 토요일

1/1/11 새해 결심

새해 복 많이 받으세요. Happy 2011 New Year everyone! Did anyone do a count down? I did! :D And what did I do after that? I just went to sleep. LOL As I said in my previous post, I will reveal my 2011 resolutions today because today is officially a new year in California. 여러분의 새해 결심은 뭐예요?

Entire 2011 Year

Stay fit by exercising twice a week and eat healthily(no diet).

Actively volunteer or make donations.

Be more independent (make good decisions that I won’t regret later).

Get a job.

Save money for my future!

Focus on studying and reading more.

Learn things completely instead of slacking.

Be more organized.



Get my driver license.

Have music(piano or vocal) lesson(s).



Join/learn some kind of combat/taekwondo/jujitsu/judo (martial art) lesson(s).

Take a trip (out of town for a week or 2).



(Maybe) file a transfer to a UC.



--Take a trip (out of town for a week or 2)

(It's not all great, but I wish I achieve them. Well, even if I don't achieve these plans, there's still next year. What's your new year resolution?)